Iris Apfel Water Intake Wearables

I’m a fan of Iris Apfel – I think that’s pretty clear now, after this love declaration.  Turns out, Iris is not only mesmerizing the world with her energy and style sense , while filming documentaries, but also bravely entering the world of wearables. While she’s not one for watches, she does appreciate jewelleries (a total surprise, right?!) and when you add a smart factor… everything clicks.

WiseWear convinced Iris that a smart golden or silver bracelet that keeps you health and personal life in check is the future. The Kingston, The Calder and The Duchess are not hotel names or aristocratic titles, but the names of 3 bold, multi-functional yet minimalistic  bracelets:


They’re not only appropriate for work if worn one at a time but can become part of crazy cool combinations, like Iris Apfel wears.

What I love most about WiseWear Socialite accessories  is the simple, geometrical design (The Calder, above, is my favorite) and the activity tracking of your daily life. Besides monitoring how much steps you’ve done from one room to another (in my case – I’m awfully out of shape) and how many calories you burn (just by stressing out), it keeps track of your water intake. This is one of my big problems – there are days when I drink just one glass of water until evening and 2-3 cups of coffee.


In line with the health function is also a distress call you can send to an emergency contact, along with a record of your surroundings/geolocation so he’she can come to the rescue.

Price? $299.5. I say for luxury wearables, it’s worth it!

photo source: Facebook Wise Wear


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