My Version of The Naked Dress

If “selfie” was word of the year in 2013, then “naked dress” was last year’s craze. Every Hollywood celebrity who took pride in her curves (cue Rihanna, Beyonce, J.Lo,  Kim Kardashian and every hot supermodel) wore it to red carpet events. Their private parts became public knowledge in no time.

Since I never believed sexy = naked and I’m not about to start now, I found my perfect alternative to the naked dress. The one above is a quieter version, for exotic vacations. I’m not about to wear it on date night, but I would choose a long, backless dress like this one:


Isn’t it more sultry and mysterious than the mesh and rhinestones look? Imagine – standing on an open terrace, sipping from a glass of wine, admiring the view in a thin, satin black dress with just two straps that hold everything together?

He’d certainly appreciate your beautiful, slightly tan back.

And even if it’s too daring – you can always accessorize with strands of pearls and long, statement necklaces:

In fact, I could see myself wearing an open-back number during the day, too. A midi A shaped dress from cotton or velvet, in neutral colors or with paisley/checkered pattern would be a go-to outfit for a special brunch:


Don’t you think?


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