Five Friday Rules

1.It’s winter – wear tights, but never under ripped jeans. I’ve endured December and most of January just in skinny jeans, no isolation underneath. But yesterday I had to pull out the thick, black tights to wear underneath – it was 5°F! I put fashion aside (and my adversity to pantyhose) to keep warm and healthy. I hope you do the same but don’t wear them, please, under ripped jeans! Black cloth peeping through holes? Tacky.

2.Half-tuck your way through. Long sweaters, masculine shirts? Keep your waist visible even when you’re wearing something large by tucking the front in jeans or skirts.


3. Avoid beanies with ears. They might be cuteeee… for a while. After a day or two, you’ll realize they’re not appropriate for work or a date or a brunch with your stylish friends. Ears = cats/toys = teenager vibe. Unless you’re an actual teenager, stick with floppy fel hats and knitted beanies.

4.Accesorize with necklaces and rings this winter. Believe me when I say earrings are out of the equation in beanie season (I’m tired of red, squashed earlobes and metal pressing my neck). Same goes for bracelets – where are they supposed to go when you’re wearing gloves and a chunky sweater underneath a tight coat?!

5.Skip high-heeled booties. They’re fashionable, yes, but unless you spend your days hopping out of and into taxis… they’ll be your doom on slippery, icy roads. Give utilitarian boots some credit and buy a pair in a neutral shade.


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