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If you follow me on Instagram, then you know the location of my sweet heaven in Brasov. It’s called Glaze Haze and I discovered it during my recent trip there, on a rainy day. Usually, when it’s winter, raining and I feel my body frosting, I don’t care about anything else but going home.

This time, though, as I was trying to make my way through crowds, I saw the donut display. Pink, mint green and even blue (bubblegum flavor) donuts and cronuts, glazed with dozens aromas, inviting me in to have a taste:


I meann… who can resist that? I went in, ordered about 4 and savored them with a joy in my heart… like I bought this season’s Chanel bag. You can’t even imagine the happiness I felt in those moments – needless to say, I could have danced in the rain after that – no more sorrow, no more pain :))

Today, I woke up thinking about these delights (yes, my first thoughts in the morning usually involve food; before going to sleep, as well). Since I couldn’t get my hands on them (they’re not in the city), I visualized a wardrobe of sweet items.

Could cupcake bags, chocolate sweaters, cake iPhone cases and pink pants give me the same delight?

sweet fashion

Probably. So, are we attracted only to the taste of a pastry or are the colors equally, if not more, important? Would I have been drawn to the shop if they’d sell unglazed, raspberry – filled donuts, for example?

I think we’re victims of our (visual) senses. We can’t stop desiring something unhealthy, cheap or too-expensive-for-its-worth if it comes in a creative or just cute package. Colors and a sweet association would be enough for me to purchase all the fashionable items above, without blinking.

Next time you go shopping, think about this: is your basket filled with cute, eye-catching but in the end silly trinkets? If so, are you sure you can give them use or should you curate your shopping list better and opt for fashion items that don’t go out of style?


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