Bagoholic Anonymous

Leather, suede, cloth, tiny, tall, wide, neutral, colorblocked, printed – I gotta have them all!

Bags, I mean. Some gals might give their kingdom for a pair of Manolos, but I’ll give mine for a Fendi baguette, a Celine tote or an Anya Hindmarch clutch.

In the last couple of years, I’ve gathered quite the collection; you won’t see one common thread there. Totes, clutches, shopper bags, satchels, wristlets, envelopes… You name it, I have it.

I don’t discriminate, as you can see :)) My last purchase was supposed to be a quite, practical one – a black tote, that could be worn with everything. I wanted quality, sturdyness and flexibility.


Instead, I ended up with a peach satchel, in great leather (quality was still my main prority). I wore it all autumn and a bit of winter until I transitioned to darker colors.

My best purchase: an animal print leather envelope from here.

My go-to bag, in any season: a girly print tote I adore (it has room for everything you can imagine)

My next purchase: a leather-wood bag from here (I mean wood! Rustic! Forest! Nature on my arm :x)

What bag are you most proud of and what designer/collection do you recommend for my next shopping trip?

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