The Guilty Pleasure In My Closet 

Every now and then we make an impulsive purchase for the sake of it. We’re drawn to it inexplicably, so we take it home, play with it a couple of times, then start hiding the evidence of the deed. The guilty deed.

Much like fast-food or love affairs, some clothes are guilty pleasures. We know they’re too extravagant/childish/daring/quirky for our lifestyle, but we can’t stop desiring them against our better judgement.

That was the case of my bubble wrap skirt. I was looking for a leather, simple black pencil skirt, but perusing through the aisles and hangers, I saw this:

Bubble Skirt

Dozens of bubbles from a synthetic material, just waiting to be popped :)) I forgot all about my surroundings, launched at it, grabbed the only size available and went in the fitting room. Guess what? It was perfect for me!


A little too perfect, if I think about it. Quickly, I realised the material wasn’t as stretchy as I wanted it, making it supremely difficult to take it off (a bit awkward if you’re not alone, if you know what I mean) :))

Other than that, it’s unique, sexy and suitable for late night dinners and intense dates.

Here’s a look at it from behind:

bubble skirt behind

Now, that I’ve disclosed the quirky reminder of popping-the-bubble-wrap in my closet, it’s your turn! Tell me what guilty pleasure item is hidden in your wardrobe?

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