Best Bargains: January

January is December’s hangover. 

The past month was all about recovering after a month of eating, stressing, gift-offering and vacationing. So, it kinda sucked. I felt no amount of sunshine and snow in the world could give me the energy I needed… until I turned to food. Bye, bye, steaks, pickles and fries! Welcome, orange juice, salad and fresh tomatoes! 

With coffee and water on the side, I began to focus on this year’s tasks, ignoring my wallet’s increasingly light weight. Naturally, I had to hunt more than ever for bargains and… skincare products were primarily targeted.

Bioderma Sensibio Light 


I was finishing my Avene cream  and after reading blogs that praised the efficiency of Bioderma, I dared to branch out and try the brand. Needless to say, it was the right call to make. What I love about it is the light texture (better than the Avene); you only need a drop to cover your forehead or cheeks, it’s extra-absorbent and leaves my skin super smooth. I bought it with a discount so the final price was $11.9. 

Flormar Feather Look Nailpolish


For New Year’s, I wanted a special, glamourous look. That meant nails with a bit of shine. Since I hate satin polishes and I couldn’t find a glitter polish with small enough particles, I went for a feathery one. I simply used it as a topcoat on my red nails and I couldn’t stop staring at my hands :)) Price:  $2.85. 

Neutrogena Unscented Hand Cream


My hands get pretty dry and chapped during winter. This is no news to me, but, until now, I hadn’t found a cream with long term effects. Usually, I slathered cream before going to sleep only to discover them red, dry and painful the next day, after washing my hands or going to the office.

This year, I carefully weighed my options and bought a concentrated form of Neutrogena (if this didn’t work, then what?!). I have to add that, unlike most winters, this time I used it day in and day out. Guess who’s got the softest hands in the house? 😀 Great price, also: $3.57.

Transparent Small Beauty Bag

I keep all my beauty products in this feminine, printed, peachy leather bag. It was a gift from T. and I could never replace it with something else. But, over time, it’s gotten pretty heavy and I hate carrying it around town, in my tote or bowler handbag. My temporary sollution was to throw in some of the products – a lipstick, a mascara, etc. – but I always forgot to bring them along when I switched bags sooooo “hello, no emergency concealer!” 🙁

I finally fixed my issue by purchasing a small, transparent beauty bag for only $1.20 (you can see it in the main photo). Since I just wanted something small, where I could find easily everything, this was more than enough. 

Oriflame Swedish Spa Hand Set


Last but not least, this set helped me repair my crusty hands, along with Neutrogena. For only $9.52, I got a scented water, hand scrub and cream from Oriflame’s Swedish Spa series. They contain mint oil and Hydracare+ complex which, I have to say, work wonders on my skin.

I don’t have time to go through the whole process each night, but I try to do it about 3 times per week. I start with the soak to soften the skin and cuticles, then use the scrub to get rid of dead cells and end with the cream that really keeps the moisture in.

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