Personal Style Evolution

I have always been restless – too curious about the world to just stay in one place and in one checked box.

For me, life has always been about possibilities, change and intriguing future. As much as I liked to know it all, including immediate plans, I loved to transform pieces of me and be transformed by life. Style, included.

Since I can remember, I have been changing hairstyles, make-up, fashion preferences – from monochrome pink outfits as a little girl to jeans and t-shirts as a teenager to blazers and heels as a student.

This weekend, I stumbled upon pictures from several years ago and realized how much I had changed (see image above):

2013: Taking myself waaay too seriously, in a black blazer and rectangular, minimalist glasses. Quirkiness present in cupcake case and fringed top with some cowboy reference on it (yeaah, really suitable for the office)

June 2014: neon, superhero top tempered with black cardigan and new glasses (yeey! more modern, dare I say artistic look)

2014, 2 weeks later: Chop! I longed for a short hairstyle and finally got around it. Less hair to dry and a haircut that matched the new, edgy look I had in mind (PS: notice a see-through, animal print shirt, something I had avoided for years)

noiembrie 2014
November 2014: I’m making room (grudgingly) in the closet for mini dresses with clean cuts and geometrical prints. Also, I’m fighting to keep my haircut look cool without too much product in it (what do you say – got it right?)

februarie 2015_1

February 2015: A couple of months later, I discover the power of hats (and had to take a ridiculous selfie :))). This model matches my short chop perfectly and gives a hippie vibe along with the Ozzy Osborne-style sunnies

ianuarie 2016
January 2016: This year, I’m all about greys and whites, pops of red and black and overall, a clean style. Less prints, more interesting cuts. My hair has morphed in a shaggy lob (here is covered by a black beanie).

February-March 2016: Radical change from brunette locks to blonde waves.

Tell me what changes you’re planning this year?

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