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What? No minimalist, white desk, with pink peony in the corner and shiny Mac?!

Sorry to disappoint you, but as far as desks go, I’m not a member of the #whiteandgoldforever #bloggersquad. I can appreciate the elegance of a minimalistic home, with white walls, geometric carpets and gold/pink accents here and there, but I’m tired of the same old photos on Pinterest, invariably pertaining to beauty and fashion bloggers.

I thrive in colorful, quirky places. To me, it’s all about customization. I need to have the things that inspire me and make me feel pampered close, so I can give my best online.


Shockingly, I know, but all this chaos gives me a peaceful state of mind. I have my corkboard filled with souvenirs, notes, inspirational quotes, fashion pics and even jewellry. It was a-spur-of-the-moment adition with all the things that make me smile. Then, my Lenovo laptop, my trusty sidekick in writing adventures.


At my right, an almost made-to-fit mouse, owl and retro notepads and all the creams in the world :)) No matter what I do, I always have dry hands and when I’m writing all day, it’s hard to ignore chapped skin. So, I have an ultra thick and greasy natural skin saver from Moraz, an Issey Miyake hand cream that smells divine and a body lotion from Victoria’s Secret. The last one is on the desktop purely as a whim – I like to smell it more often than I actually use it (you have to try it, it smells like Christmas!)

On the left side of the desks, there ae a bunch of crayons, markers and what-not, in bright colors, my Santorini watch, an orange lamp and of course, fuel for days: coffee.

A couple of times a week you’ll also find on my desk scented candles, aromatherapy oils, flowers and fruits, to keep me running when I’m drowned in coffee to no avail 😀

Any questions? Hit me with them in the comment section below!

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