Spring Refresh Button

I’ve seen bloggers interpret Spring in matters of clothes, beauty trends, to-do lists. They’re all preparing to push the refresh button and start over in this season of rebirth. I admit, between writing articles and editorials, there wasn’t any time to think about personal improvements. What are the things I’d like to do more, so I can feel better? What sort of teeny, tiny resolutions I could check off my list starting tomorrow?

It took less than I expected, just the sight of a purple, perfumed, rich hyacinth, to start typing:

🌷 buy classic pieces for once in my life – these black sandals and powder rose trench

🌷 update phone playlist with jazz vibes

🌷 take a long bubble bath every weekend, forgetting all about time and tasks

🌷 choose more art work for livingroom and bedroom walls

🌷 prepare fresh food all spring long: salads, aperitifs, vegetarian pasta, raw juices

🌷 plan monthly photo projects

🌷 use all my free time (previously spent on Social Media) to read pending books

🌷 shut down my phone every weekend – no more alerts, no more calls, just ME time

🌷 organize my closet better and put aside outfits several days before wearing them

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