Five Friday Rules 

I know guys, technically it’s Saturday, but why not make the short delay a reason to meditate on weekend-themed activities?

With that in mind, I present you five random rules that could make you see style, family and personal life differently:

1.Swap your envelope bag with a hardcover book or your sleek Kindle – spend the day catching up on your reading on the subway, in the taxi or on a park bench. I’ve just started reading “Dark Places” by Gillian Flynn – granted, on a sunny day like this one, it’s a gloomy read 😛

2.Feel at home wherever you go. Wear your hair loose, like you would at home, sport any and every Oysho item you own, slather on creams and lotions, leave your face glowing and your brows defined but apply just a dab of color on your lips, nothing else. We deserve make up free days!

3.Have a mother-daughter day. Yes, the official celebration is due next week, but why not give her an early present? Take her out for a coffee or spa session, bake cookies with her, dance together like nobody’s watching (I always boogie around with my mom. So what if I’m not a kid anymore?!)

4.Give your heels a break: wear sneakers with maxi skirts, loafers with cropped pants, flats with assymetrical, midi skirts and ankle boots with mini dresses.

5. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. I am a first-hand example of what a couple of hours of rest can do – no more dark circles, spotty skin, red eyes. A weekend is for 3 things: sleep, drink (water, preferably) and love 😉

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