Complicating The Simplest Thing: Jeans

In this overly complicated fashion world, where sandals have million styles (gladiator, wedges, tied-up, strappy, etc.) and skirts come in all shapes and cuts (mini, midi, maxi, asymmetrical, A-line, pencil, pleated, tiered and so on), we could count on jeans to make life easier.

A simple pair of skinny or straight cut ones, paired with a white shirt and stilettos (a signature outfit for Garance Dore and Emanuelle Alt), take you from work to dinner, in a heartbeat. It’s so simple and chic, meant to eliminate the time stressing about what to wear.

Yet the girl above managed to complicate the one thing we could rely on. How in the world she found these ugly jeans, with slits on the sides, pinned with buttons nonetheless, is beyond me. But she didn’t settle with wearing just those, she had to add lacy tights.

Yes, underneath it all, if you take a peek (they’re not hard to notice), you can see lacy black tights through the openings. Sexy like a cardboard.

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  • thefolkswholiveonthehill -

    Have to disagree here!
    What you’ve described would make me look much closer, as she has personalised a simple pair of jeans.

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