I Had To Make This Change

The easiest thing to change about your appearance? Hair.

Cut it, curl or straighten it, braid it or put it in a ponytail and finally dye it as your heart pleases. You’ve got a million choices.

I’ve never been coy when it comes to drastic hair changes. I’ve worn it straight and curly, short with volume and or in a disheveled bob. Now.. I finally decided to dye it.

I was trying to take it slow, with a gradual change from dark brown to caramel with red tones. At the last moment, though, I had a change of heart and went for honey blonde.

My hairstylist from Salon Egoist did an amazing job:

One change usually triggers other ones so now, I’m more inclined to:

  • Use fuchsia, red and purple lipsticks
  • Go with bronze&copper eyeshadows and bronzing powder, instead of pink blush
  • Use golden accessories – from hair ties and pins to necklaces and nail polishes
  • Adopt a more bohemian, californian-inspired fashion style (more in a future post)

Oh and did I tell you I felt more confident afterwards? It gave me a more feminine and sophisticated look, that I took straight to a 8 March party:

PS: Here’s me, at home, after the make-over. I had sent pictures all day long to friends and family and couldn’t stop posing in front of every mirror:


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