Best Bargains: February

Guys, February was all about love and unexpected gifts. T. and I spent a lovely Valentine’s Day , filled with little gestures that meant more than any cheesy moves you see in the films. It was also the month to start looking for Spring items and putting on my wishlist staples I would surely need in this transitioning period. Some of them are still waiting to be checked out, but most were surprising bargains that I have to tell you about.

Let’s start with clothes and accessories. T. went on a business trip in San Jose, California, and I asked him to be on the lookout for some pretty things I had longed for:

Kate Spade NY Karolina Wristlet

karolina writlet kate spade

Those who know me from highschool or earlier, know I’ve given up on pink years ago. About 16 years ago. Then, I decided it was a far too sweet color for me, that constantly reminded of Barbie dolls and monochrome outfits mom forced me to wear when I was too little to take sartorial choices. But when I saw this beautiful wristlet from Kate Spade, my eyes lit up. It was such a beautiful design, such a feminine piece, that I thought… maybe it’s time to give pink a second chance.

Given the fact that I have lots of blacks and blues in my wardrobe I could tone it down. Besides, it’s spring – how can I celebrate the energy-brimming season better than with a vibrant color?

karolina wristlet kate spade back

I had the fortune to get it for half the price on the website – it was Serendipity, I know. If you have a Nordstrom nearby, I suggest you go as fast as you can to grab a similar deal.

karolina wristlet kate spade details

Look at the gold details – the tiny spade <3

Rebecca Minkoff Leo clutch

rebecca minkoff leo bag

I have wanted a white, summer bag for a couple of years! The fact is I totally ruined my last one, by wearing it close to denim and leather jackets. Somehow, the colors transferred and all that white leather took a blueish pattern I resented. So, bye-bye bag!

I swore to avoid white bags at all costs but when I saw this envelope clutch from Rebecca Minkoff I… made an exception 🙂 The Saffiano leather is beautiful and since I can only hold it in my hands (rather than on my shoulder), I trust to be more careful with it.

rebecca minkoff leo bag close up rebecca minkoff leo bag details

The gold open teeth zipper goes all around the bag’s edges, giving it a rock’n’roll touch I absolutely loved.

rebecca minkoff leo bag name

Stitchings and textures are vital when it comes to bags

rebecca minkoff leo bag stitching

This one was a bargain in the sense that I gave just $95 dollars for a versatile clutch I love through and through. I can wear it to cocktail parties, summer outdoor weddings and what-not, but also Sunday brunches when I’m wearing denims and flats.

rebecca minkoff leo bag interior

On top of it all, it has this beautiful pattern inside – what’s not to love?!

rebecca minkoff leo bag 2

It closes with a magnetic–snap flap – thankfully!

Tommy Hilfiger Shirts

closet view

My wardrobe lacks shirts. I mean, I have the warm and fuzzy plaid shirt (see in the left corner), the army one with stones on the shoulders and a couple more (denim and white silk), but I’ve got none office-appropriate. So I turned to Tommy who really has the best eye when it comes to tailored pieces.

tommy hilfiger pink
tommy hilfiger pink detail

This checkered one was all T.’s choosing – he sensed my new fondness of pink. It reminds me of picnics (that I’ve wanted to take him on since forever!) and bright days. Although it has a colorful, laid-back vibe, it goes with cropped pants and pencil skirts perfectly.

The second one really encapsulates that office feeling with a twist.

tommy hilfiger blue

This is a Hilfiger staple – you could recognise it in a million. I loved the tiny dots that make it job-appropriate and sophisticated in the same time.

tommy hilfiger blue detail

O’Neill fluffy hoodie

o neill hoodie

If my love for prints wasn’t abundantly clear, it certainly became now. This was a great find – color, materials, design, embroidery.

It’s somewhere between beige and light pink as far as colors go, with discreet pockets and side embroidery – it’s so bohemian, I can’t stop looking at it.

o neill hoodie fluffy

I tried it with my eyes closed so, I swear, when I felt the fluffiness inside I started hugging myself. It’s that comfy and warm!

o neill hoodie overall look o neill hoodie details

It has become a spring staple for days when I don’t want to walk in high-heels and tight clothes. For past rainy days, it has been heaven. (Guys, I was told it was on sale but since it was a gift, the price is a mistery still)

Now, let’s switch to a beauty must-have.

Boys’n Berries Matte Lip Stain

matte lip stain

We’ve all heard about lip stains for a while now. It’s the latest trend in make-up with every cool girl out there investing in liquid lipsticks that give a matte finish. Since I benefit more from glossy ones or very hydrating ones, I was reluctant at first. But this one from Boys’n Berries  recommended by Taitzel – an experienced, sincere beauty blogger – is a great one to use even by girls with thinner lips.

matte lip stain2

I chose the Chastity version, which is a light pink that dries in seconds. You won’t feel your lips like cement afterwards and it will resist a couple of hours, at least. It cost me only $7.23.

H&M Real Suede leather ankle boots

hm suede boots

This was, by far, the best bargain of last month. I had two objectives in mind: buy some ankle boots with heels for skirts and dresses and a pair of simple, black pumps that go with everything. Basically, basics that I didn’t have. The first objective was accomplished on a whim; I was scrolling through the H&M site on my way home, when I had the idea of looking for this specific item. Lucky me, I had various options at sales.

hm suede boots zipper hm suede boots profile

Most of them were an imitation of suede leather but the only ones at the premium quality section were these. Usually, they cost $75 (I see H&M put them again at their initial price on the site) but I spent just $17! Pretty neat, right?

hm suede boots heel

I didn’t love just the material but also the heel – sturdy yet narrow enough to keep it interesting. They have a platform so it’s not hard at all to walk longer distances and a pointed toe that I quite liked.

hm suede boots top view

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