Sneaky, Shiny Loafers I Could Never Wear

Normally, I can find pretty shirts, colored jeans and cool accessories at Koton. But as I was browsing through their spring collection the other day, my eyes went to a halt when I saw possibly one of the most cheap-looking loafers in my life.

First turn-off: the shine. Under fluorescent lights, they gave off a golden shine that would make any feet unecessarily glitzy and untasteful.

Second turn-off: snake skin. Usually, in itself, this material isn’t a big no-no but in blue and with that glow… Yikes!

koton loafers

Third turn-off: sole. If there’s something I hate it’s the rubbery sole with identations on loafers. Pair it with a luxurious pattern like the snake skin and you’re doomed.

Overall verdict? Ugly as hell.


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