Five Friday Rules

1.If you forget to apply foundation on the neck and chest also (some say even ears), to create a uniform look, do as I do: put on CC cream in the same shade as your skin. Your face will look glowy and velvety and the transition to the uncovered neck won’t be as visible.

2.The best transitional combo for spring? Cardigan and summer tops. If you’re not big on flowy, long-sleeved shirts and blouses, combine summer and autumn – use those neon, lacy tops under warmer hoodies and army cardigans.

3.When you’re between sizes, choose half a size bigger shoes. That way, you can trick them into fitting snuggly with tights or when feet get swollend at the end of a work day. But if they’re too small, you will never wear them comfortably.

4.Always mix cuts for a chic look. That means wearing a midi, voluminous skirt with a sleek crop top or a fitted shirt, instead of a flowy, voluminous blouse. When you choose a oversized sweater, pair it with skinny jeans or mini skirts. Don’t go all loose or all tight.

5.Surprise yourself. The miniaudiere you saved for weddings amd cocktails? Wear it at brunch with jeans and a white shirt. The black dress you had for unexpected ocassions? Take it to a girls’ night out. Try to wear every item from your closet, instead of putting them aside for those never-to-come events.

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