5 Bags I Love And 5 I Hate 

Bold, extraordinary, unique – this is what I look for in bags. I told you I was a notorious bagoholic (at least in the family and close friend circles), counting a couple of cute backpacks and 9-11-13 bags, maybe more in my closet.

Am I ashamed of collecting them like others collect socks, jeans or hair pins? Not at all. In fact, whenever I’m shopping online or just cruising through products, I always look for the next IT bag. Fortunately, the fashion gods love me and I quickly come across items that are not at all repetitive and boring. Like these ones from Romanian brand Concept15:

These are the sort of bags which I wouldn’t usually go for – 2 reasons: I hate the furry keychain trend (started with Lagerfeld and Fendi) and I’ve never been a fan of Mickey Mouse. Why would I want to embellish my keys, of all things, with toys that cost a new pair of shoes?! And Mickey… That’s the most unappealing, in looks and humor, cartoon from Disney.

But.. It so happens that these are just scratching the surface. I can overlook the ears for a rounded shape bag and the bubble eyes for a fresh green leather and cute saying. The cons are smaller than the pros.

Then we have these clutch and envelope bag:

Original and quirky remember? I love the first ones’ dog ears and pale pink leather and what can I say about the second one? Gorgeous colors, cool drawings, wooden frame. The latter is on my wish list already.

Even when it comes to serious, office bags, they don’t disappoint with this red approach:

We know what I love, so what CAN’T I stand when it comes to bags:

  • Brown, calf leather bags
  • Studs coupled with metal buckles – too much metal
  • Lacquer oversized bags (you leave fingerprints on them, inevitably)
  • Shiny fake leather materials
  • Cheap, distressed interior

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