Thigh Gap Jewelry

We’ve all seen Rihanna and Beyonce sporting bikini jewelry in their Instagram posts, so thigh gap jewelry wouldn’t be quite a shock if it were sold. But, luckily, it’s not the case. The picture on the left is nothing but an advertising stunt.

To what purpose , you say? Well, one woman can’t quite leave thigh gaps alone. In my mind, this trend has passed, I don’t see any more articles in the media about girls who take pride in their gaps or those whose self-esteem declines every time they look in the mirror searching for one. Finally, we have peace and women are outspoken about other issues. Yet one Singaporean designer can’t let the conversation die.

Soo Kyung Bae launched a jewelry site that commercializes necklaces for your thigh area only to ridiculize that body ideal. Yes, once more. She goes as far as making everything legit, from the “buy” button to the “send order” field. Just then, she reveals her prank with a motivational (yeah, right!) message: “TGap Jewellery is a fictional company that sells jewelleries designed for thigh gaps,’ the message reads. ‘It is launched to catalyse a debate on unrealistic body image social media portrays.”

Oookay. Are these people running out of things to do with their time?! I’m done with this thigh gap trend and the people who are still convinced women are buying it. Yes, I hope those of us who feel the need to have toned arms, celullite-free thighs and defined waists are doing something healthy about it – fitness, diet – but I don’t think that many are focused on that bloody gap!

Who notices that when first looking at a woman? Men don’t and women, neither. If we are judgmental at times, we probably comment about exagerated Botox jobs, plastic surgeries gone wrong and awful fashion styles that reveal more and accentuate less than they should.

No one cares about thigh gaps any more – whether they have them or not.


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