UNWanted: Crop Top

We’re embracing culottes, high waist jeans, oversized hoodies and midi skirts, showing off our shoulders, sleek ankles and cinching in the waist. So why did the girl above turn back time?

In fact, she didn’t. What seems to be a crop top from a distance, is actually a simple, basic top paired with ripped jeans, a cardigan and a tote. When you describe it, it doesn’t seem off at all. But the size… God, why didn’t she went with something her size?!

Jeans so stretched they could pop any second and a top too short and tiny for your sillhouette doesn’t slim, on the contrary – it brings to attention the parts you’d like to hide.

I could put this fashion disaster in the “mistakes” folder only, c’mon, she had to feel the breeze on her belly… doing half an effort to look good doesn’t look good in my book.

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