The Difference A Great Wardrobe Makes

There are two camps in the world: beauty comes from within and should be left unaltered and beauty needs nurturing. I belong to the second one.

If I ever labeled people, I said they seemed distracted (I wish I could tell you I’m 100% not judgmental, but we all know sometimes it just slips out!). They had their priorities and taking care of appearance in hair salons, with make-up products and a suitable style was not one of them (clearly belonging in the first camp).

Completely understandable, on one condition: they admit it. On the other hand, there are people out there who want to shine brightly but just don’t know where to begin. For them, stylists and make-up artists are beacons of hope. Their beauty just needs nurturing.

Konstantin Bogomolov, an image-designer from Latvia, is one stylist who caters to the second camp. His purpose in life is to scoop out women’s inner glow and translate it in fashion, hair and make-up styles. He sees potential, instead of lost causes and works to bring it to fruition. Some of his outstanding makeovers left me speechless:


Going from clothes that hide the sillhouette and belong to different trends (military, floral) to an outfit worthy of any distinguished lady – all black with a pop of color.


Instead of chocolate brown from head to toe – a look that not only ages but completely covers the body – to a chic dress above the knee, with shoulder accents and cinched waist.


Wow! This looks takes years off her. Instead of a resigned teacher look, she got an edgy vibe with cut-out gloves, a deconstructed coat and heels.


I love this simple look! Instead of a frumpy floral dress that doesn’t say much to a sexy office look and a modern haircut that exudes confidence.


A remarkable makeover – no outdated, high-waisted jeans, sport shoes that belong on a running course and manly jacket. Hurray to the animal print coat and buttery pants with gold accents for a lux note.

With just a few tricks and a color palette that suits every skin and personality, these women got a fresh appearance that made them feel ready to conquer the world – I can bet! Once you understand style is not a gift, but a natural skill we can all master, the world is your oyster.

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