Fashion Tip: How To Get #LegsForDays

When you don’t face weight problems,  I think you start noticing other bits and pieces you’d like to change at your body (we’re hardly ever satisfied with what we have, are we?!) – bigger breasts, badass abs, toned butt and lean, tanned legs. Some women choose to go under the scalpel to fix all of these problems, even the leg issue – you’ve probably heard about leg-lengthening procedures, where the bone is broken in two and then separated slowly by a telescopic rod.

I’d definitely never recommend it since it not only gives me the creeps, but I’m also the type of person who’s never going to go to a hospital or allow cuting and inserting unless it’s a matter of life and death. So, NO to implants, reductions or any other esthetic procedure.

That said, I love the look of a lean, long leg. I’ve unconsciously veered toward clothes and accessories that create that optical illusion in the last years. In the picture on the left, for example, I’m wearing printed pants with a graphic black and white design and pointed toe ankle boots.

Why it works: the cut of the pants is slimming, narrowing and when it meets black boots, it creates the idea of continuity. Another color would have broken the fluidity of (non)colors. Then, there’s a pointed toe, which gives me an extra inch and makes my feet look longer. Plus, the print creates dynamism, movement – a plaid or floral one would have done the opposite, so avoid those.

highwaist cropped trousers (4)

Cropped pants are another great way to lengthen your legs. Olivia Culpo’s ones end just after the knee, revealing a delicate calf. Since they don’t cover the leg from waist to ankle, they give the illusion of an endless leg.

highwaist cropped trousers (3)

A slingback shoe is perfect to recreate the effect. It doesn’t cut the leg like a strapy one would, instead it leaves it unhindered. The illusion is of a slender, never-ending foot.

highwaist cropped trousers (1)

High-waist, tailored pants are genius when it comes to leg-lengthening. Our eyes are used to seeing pants beginning from the hip, so a hem that starts from the waist will give the impression of super long legs.

Tip: Make a combination of the trends above to really nail the #legsfordays look, like below:

chanel look

Cropped pants + slingback shoes + high waist (hopefully) = success!

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