Five Friday Tips

1.No lip-definer nearby? Use the sharp part of your lipstick to contour your lips before you fill in with color. This helps me get beautifully-shaped lips.

2.If you don’t have time to apply make-up properly, at least use a concealer to camouflage red spots and a tinted moisturizer to make your skin uniform. You can apply the latter faster than a regular foundation, since it doesn’t leave brush marks. Couple it with blush and you’re set to go. Other winning combos: tinted balm and mascara/filling in your eyebrows plus matte lipstick.

3.Room for just two pairs of shoes? Take on vacation a flat and a heel. Make it sneakers like Converse – that you can wear on the plane – an pumps or ankle boots – in rainy locations – for dinners and get-togethers.

4.Wear a flared blouse, embroidered or from a flowy material with ballerina flats or roman sandals. Never with oxford shoes, even if the color matches, since they work with structured, more masculine items.

5.Avoid wearing rings or bracelets if your hands aren’t in tip-top shape. Slather on hand cream, do your nails so they look clean and chic, cut those cuticles… Otherwise jewelry will simply attract attention to those neglected details.


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