Five Friday Tips

1. Wear your white jeans when there’s zero chance of rain outside. Otherwise, they’ll be a mess; if you’re not sure what the weather forecast will be, tuck them into ankle boots with a bit of heel or platform to keep the pristine white.

2. Go from office look to after hours vibe with this trick. Tuck your shirt into cropped jeans, put a casual blazer on and pull up your hair at the job; once you’re out the door, let your hair loose, unbutton the shirt slightly, master the half-tuck and throw the blazer in the tote. Ta-da! That’s what I did for a meeting Tuesday.

3. Trucker hats are a no-no this spring. Unless you’re on a tennis field or have Rihanna’style skills (pair them with slip dresses and oversized sweaters), stick to turbans and straw hats.

4. Go natural with tinted lipbalms and nude, moisturizing lipsticks by day instead of sticky lipglosses. By night, wear matte lipsticks in coral, red and the ocassional, brown (if you got a tan already – much envy here).

5. Aviators are back! After a RayBan glasses period, we’re back to our old love. This time around, they’re prescription glasses, not sunnies, with metallic, gold frames.

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