How To Wear A Pregnancy With Style

If you’ve opened Facebook or your favorite fashion site at least once these days, then you’ve seen Blake, the star of Cannes Festival. She’s been rocking jumpsuits, Cinderella gowns, sexy, nude dresses all while… being pregnant (I mean, it’s not confirmed but c’mon – you can see the baby bump!).

It’s a pain dressing glamorous and wearing heels during this period, when all you want to do is snuggle up with your partner, stay in PJs and eat popcorn. But she’s done it with a smile on her face, in outfits that not only respect her usual red carpet style but actually compliment her pregnancy. On the other hand, we know some socialite to have made major fashion mistakes during her pregnancy, even with the support of Olivier, Anna W and her husband-turned-designer.

So how did one make us swoon over her pregnancy style and the other one turned our heads away?

1.Jumpsuits. While Blake dared to wear a red jumpsuit on her first day at Cannes, the piece carefully highlighted her waist with a knotted belt from the same material, revealing only her neck and arms. No cleavage, belly or leg exposure. Fact is, naked dresses (like in Kim’s case) are never classy, especially in this time of women’s lives, when they’re more focused on the baby than on attracting paparazzi and men.

2.Florals. Big florals only augment, so if you do want to wear them while your baby bump is growing, focus on clean lines and a pattern with a bit of distance between the flowers. Blake chose a midi dress that accentuates her torso and waist, but keeps the lower part of her body loose and comfortable. Don’t go for stretchy materials and chaotic patterns, or you’ll end up looking like you might suffocate any minute.


3.Bodycon shapes and materials. Clearly, you shouldn’t wear just outfits that hung far from your body, as Blake demonstrates. Just choose materials a bit harder to the touch that fit you perfectly – and I mean, no creases. Choose darker colors and showcase just a bit of leg and neckline, so you don’t look vulgar. Latex is definitely not an option if you want to exude class.


4.Short skirt/dresses. Who said you have to stick to midi lengths and pants, especially in the first months of pregnancy? If you have the body to rock a short skirt or dress, please do, but remember one rule of style and elegance: show just one of your hidden cards, not all. If you highlight your legs, don’t go on showing your cleavage, too. Use stiff materials that don’t stretch and keep the look streamlined, instead of building up on material.

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