3 Things I Want To See From Kenzo For H&M

By now, you probably know that the next big designer colab for H&M will be with Kenzo, this fall.

Kenzo is an explosion of color and patterns, volumes and edgy designs. For timid, introspective fall, it seems like a risky choice from the Swedish retailer but then again, those of you who are starting to hate the unshakeable trend of grey tones and chocolate browns for fall, will probably embrace the collection.

I, for one, am eagerly waiting for the new pieces, hoping they will preserve the designer’s spirit and essence, as did the Balmain collaboration. 

I expect to see:

  • outfits in head-to-toe patterns and prints. The wilder and more graphic, the better 😉



  • volumes, volumes, volumes. A game of volumes and cuts that will take every woman’s wardrobe from appropriate to Fashion Week-worthy


The one thing I’m 99.9% sure I won’t buy?

Anything with the Kenzo tiger motif. Why? I try to stay away from clothes that scream the name of the label from miles. That’s als the reason why I’m never gonna buy bags with Louis Vuitton’s signature or Chanel’s oversized logo; the color, cut, texture of an outfit should speak millions to others, not the name.

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