How To Wear Yellow And Not Look Like A Bee

Yellow and black? Not a good idea.

It would totally make me look like a giant bee 🐝. I also feel that it would be too laid-back and sweet paired with flowers, so I’m staying clear of that, too.

What’s left, you ask. Colorblocking, for one, with other bright colors like magenta and electric blue. Or, with geometric patterns/stripes. Not in black though – avoid black.

I found it easier to acommodate such a bright, powerful color in my wardrobe by starting small. Earrings were the obvious way to go – they compliment an outfit discreetly, between strands of hair, embellishing the earlobe. Yet, I can’t wear them – my ears start itching and turning red like a poppy unless I don gold or the best of silver. And frankly, I usually fall in love with beautiful trinkets :))

So, yeah, no earrings for me. Statement necklaces look great with yellow but I can’t bear wearing such a heavy, intricate piece in blistering heat.

But a yellow bag… that’s another thing. Ever since bucket bags flooded fashion sites and Social Media, I’ve been on the lookout for one. And with the sudden need to bring a sunny accessory in my life, I had made my mind – I was going to buy a yellow bucket bag. 

I found just the one in a small Parisian boutique. From Saffiano leather, structured and big enough to put all the gadgets, beauty products and other things I can’t live without. Heaveeen!

Dont’t be surprised I call this one a summer must-have. Better than the beach tote, more practical than a tiny clutch.

What’s your go to bag in summer and why? 

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