Forget the Wayfarer! Stone and Denim Sunglasses Rule This Summer 

If there’s one thing you should skip prescription glasses for (besides pool time, your wedding or a really sexy date), that’s a really great pair of sunglasses. I’m not talking about omnipresent Wayfarers or boring Aviators but some really unique, cool shades made from stone or denim. 

Yep, such a thing exists. The denim ones are made either from new material or damaged and discarded one. I admit – wearing pants on your eyes is a bit weird but who wants to live life by the rules?!

Same goes for stone ones. While company Mosevic makes the Worn and Signature Denim ones, Shwood is just going crazy with materials, designing shades from wood, stone and – from what they teased recently – seashells!! The stone ones come in just one model but they’re perfect for an urban look – industrial at its best.


[vimeo 61935486 w=640 h=360]
This beautiful pair costs 375 euros , pretty pricy, but remarkable in every sense.

As for the Mosevic ones, you can choose from a variety of shapes, starting at £109. My favorite pair is by far this one:

I love that it puts a casual spin on cat eye sunglasses that tend to look glamorous in black. Right?

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