I Can’t Warm Up To Slides

… and that’s saying a lot.

Especially since in this warm weather, there’s no way I’d want to cover my feet more than I need to, right? Yet, my go-to type of shoes are still thin slip-ons and gladiator sandalsI just can’t warm up to slides.


I’m sorry but they’ll always look like something that belongs near the pool or in the house, when you’re wearing just a bathrobe and nothing more. Fresh out of the shower. Something that keeps your feet off wet floors or cold surfaces, a transition shoe until you get into something proper.

Even when designers try to elevate the slide with embroideries like Iutta did… it still feels wrong in a way (though these are a million times cuter than the Adidas ones everyone’s raving about):

Slides don’t send any message to me and for me, everything you wear should send a message. It doesn’t have to say I’m rich or glamorous like a pair of golden, intricate, D&G sandals, it could simply say I work out to stay fit all day like Nike shoes or I love a masculine touch like Oxfords. It might even say I’m too boho to care like a pair of flip-flops or slip-ons. But a pair of slides? What does that say?

I couldn’t even be bothered with tying my shoelaces.

I don’t expect anyone to look at my feet. 

I was in such a hurry, it’s a miracle I made it out the house with something on. 

My feet are so swollen and bruised from real shoes, it had to be this or a plastic bag.

Do we really want to be that busy, stressed, defeated by life and completely lacking confidence? Do we want to say that to the world? God knows, I don’t. I might stay naked in the house all day (hey, it’s 104 degrees outside!) but you won’t catch me in baggy, ripped clothes or a bathrobe on the street anytime soon.

photo sources: Pinterest, Iutta

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