Fiber Bags Or How I Eat, Travel And Keep My Tummy Happy

Tummy troubles? I always seem to have them exactly when I can’t do crisis management. We’re not talking about that period of the month which always coincides with long days on the road or summer trips, but the other kind. The one when you feel so stuck up (literally), you can’t smile, eat or move anymore.

When I’m home, I try to keep a balanced diet – fruits/vegetables and fiber bars. When I can’t, I go for spicy dishes, walk a lot  and drink tons of water. But I dread the moment when I start planing the one week summer vacation. I’ve been through hell so many times; you know, you feel so relaxed and stress-free, you start to indulge. From all the chocolate in the world, to pizza, pasta, chips and soda – the world is your french fries with ketchup on it. 

The face of misery. Bring the fibers, someone!

The face of misery. Bring the fibers, someone!

Last year, I avoided to go more than 4 days anywhere and when I had to, I took serious medicine with me. Don’t make me tell you how much time I spend in the bathroom, praying to be out of my misery, my face all red and forehead sweaty. This year, I had help – fiber, soluble bags from Casenfibra.


That in the middle is a solar charger that can save your life when you’re backpacking 😉


Before this small crumbs of magic, traveler’s constipation was my curse because I not only kept a nasty diet, but I also avoided to drink too much water, since I was always on the road. As you can imagine, I didn’t have many places to stop and do my thing when I’m running from one museum to another, standing hours in line at Chateau Versailles or hiking towards medieval castles in Sardinia.



Now, I bring them with me everywhere. This summer, I tried having a daily balanced breakfast with tomatoes, cucumbers or zucchini in Sardinia at the hotel. In France, I always ordered red or rose wine, after finding out it helps with my digestion. But I’m not going to lie – french fries were still calling me to devour them with mayonnaise and pasta & pizza took rounds on my lunch plate.



So, I still had trouble. And here’s where Casenfibra supplements really helped me. I dissolved them in water and fruit juice – first 1 bag (contains about 5 gr fiber, around 10ml of liquid)/day, then two, depending on how my stomach felt. I was relieved that they had a neutral taste, so I could drink without “going to my happy place”. Since they don’t contain gluten, sweeteners or food colouring, my body took them really well, no side effects whatsoever.


Before you ask me, I didn’t get fat – they’re low on calories, not like other supplements. I didn’t feel gassy afterwards either, a big BONUS in my eyes since it’s swimsuit season and I didn’t want to look like a two-legged balloon on the beach. So far, it worked for me and if Casenfibra is to be believed, my stomach should get into a rhythm and stop embarrassing me soon enough (I might even make it to Africa next year with no stomach problems!). Believe me, it’s no fun having to make excuses as to why do I eat just salad leaves when I’m extremely hungry.

Happy face after putting my stomach to rest :))

Happy face after putting my stomach to rest :))

If I have to grinch about something, I’d rather be poor designers, ridiculous fashion and the Kardashians.

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