Street Talk: 14 Things Paris Is Screaming At You

Remember my trip to Paris this spring? I imagined I’d photograph a lot of chic outfits, shops and food, but I got back home with my card full of pictures taken in historical spots or cobblestone streets. Lots of them consisted of art nouveau facades and art deco shapes but quite a few captured the wild life of Paris and the rebel spirit of youth.

Seeing them all together, one by one, made me realize it was almost as if Paris was talking to me, head-in-the-clouds tourist, hungry to absorb every sight like a sponge. It made me take a breath, look at the Paris vivante, not just at the city set in stone, marble, velvet and gold.

So, what is Paris saying when you pay attention?

1.Love is everywhere (even in the murderous look of this girl)


2. Nod and agree, but always keep a smile to yourself – the rules bend to you, not the other way around.


3. Don’t go where you’re not wanted. Smile and wave, girl, smile, wave and seek your home!


4. Tough life? Throw your troubles away! My edit: … and drink some red wine. It never hurts 😉games

5. Move left, move right, never settle for anything but your hearts’ desire. games1

6. You ain’t Monalisa, but you’re a mighty fine piece of… art! monalisa-octopus

7. Never stop chasing your dreams (like Tom chased Jerry)mickey-mouse

8. Don’t take yourself too seriously! Be everything you want to be – even a purple pig, with seven legs and an animal print beanie.piggie

9. No designer bag? Take a cage! :))

10. What if you’re second in command? Gain your own spotlight with great humor and attitude. A Jedi is classic, but a stormtrooper is legendary. 


11.  Big sister is watching you! You better rock that pixie haircut or else…


12. So what if I’m a pig few people recognize?! I feel special, you should too. 


13.  What’s so sexy about a guy in a hat and mask?!


14.  Why are you looking at me like that? Art is about spirit, not how many art classes you took.


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