Ripped Jeans? Bye, bye!

The ripped jeans mania is getting a bit out of control. Small cuts and scratches, meant to give a distressed look to jeans, have enlarged to the point where your whole knee and sometimes leg (yikes) pokes out:

T.  jokes about this look all the time and I… have to agree with him here. What’s the point in wearing something (you can’t call them pants, seriously) that connects at the hip and ankle and bares everything else? It looks like pieces of material glued to the body, barely hanging there. Why not wear a short and be over with it?!

Good news is, fellow Grinches, there’s a solution to the mess (muhahaha). Next time you’ll see your archenemy sporting them down the office hallway or your little sister ruining them with scissors, apply this magical potion.

Scientists mixed polyelectrolytes of opposite charges (that penetrate the textile and target the surface ripped/scratched) with squid proteins (tough and elastic under dry and wet conditions) in a dilute saline solution to make a healing liquid.

With this on your hands, any type of clothing made of cotton, wool and linen can be repaired and restored to its original, classy form. Ok, so it might not be a thing you’ll buy tomorrow from the store, but let’s cross our fingers for a swift launch. This thing could put an end to the ripped jeans era (if we unite forces, hehe) and clearly fix all the tears in your clothes, be them linen pants, wool coats or denim jackets.

photo source: Pixabay, Pinterest

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