3 Signs You Can’t Pull Off Mom Jeans

This fall, we aren’t letting go of the 90s. You’ll see velvet tops and dresses return in stores, as well as embellished blazers and the pants few mortals can pull off: mom jeans.

With a high waist that’s meant to fit perfectly on the body and tapered legs, it was Elaine’s go-to bottom choice in Seinfeld. If only it had stayed there… but designers had to resuscitate the trend (to my horror). Now, they’re hitting retail stores everywhere.


On the catwalk, it looks cool. Fashion bloggers wear it with scandalous or masculine pieces and trigger instant envy. You’re probably going to be tempted to buy a pair and if you don’t count on a ruthless, sincere friend… you’re gonna make the worst purchase of your life.

September is not the time for that. Now, you should invest in smart fall pieces. So, why isn’t it such a good idea? Well…

  • Your body shape. If you have a tiny waist coupled with seductive curves, it’s best to stay clear of mom jeans. The big raport between those two means they won’t fit at the waist, falling to your hips and catching a baggy vibe you don’t want to give in the first place


  • Your derriere. If you have what to show, go for skinny or flared jeans. I’ve seen plenty of girls squeezing their butts in these jeans only to look wrong in the end.
  • They send the opposite message. If you want to look hip yet sexy, go for flared jeans – super trendy right now, but still feminine and tight in the right places. Mom jeans are for brunches with friends, sightseeing and fashion events. Don’t wear them just because you’ve seen others do it.


Who looks good in mom jeans? Usually, talk girls (sometimes petites, too, if they don’t choose a pair with ultra high waist), with apple or athletic shape. That means they have narrow hips with wide shoulders and probably tend to gain weight in the waist area or… the raport between waist and hip is inexistent. Mom jeans are perfect to hide muffin tops – no risk of them falling to the hips.

See 2015 fall trends here! 

photo source: Pinterest

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