The Best Animal Print This Fall Can Be Found Here

The obsession with animal prints baffles me. No, really; leopard stripes only augment, giving you volume in all the wrong places. Plus, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it done wrong giving a vulgar (a la Peggy Bundy) or old lady look. That said, few models and incredibly stylish women can pull it off but I for one… prefer to stick to more modern prints.

This season, the best animal print can definitely be found at… Kenzo for H&M. Have you seen their pieces?? Okay, so this dress can be a bit too much if you’re not the eccentric type:


But I bet you’re going to fall in love with this suit. It was made for fall. I’m not sure if I can pull off the entire thing, but I’ll definitely go for the turtleneck top with jeans, flared pants or midi skirt.


Too fiery for you? From what I’ve seen so far, they’re planning on releasing a blue version too which can easily be rocked with a leather jacket and studded boots.


As for the boots… I can see them at a fashion event but that’s about it. This preview has given me a pretty great taste of what Kenzo and H&M are planning but I’m anxious for days to pass so I can see them with my own eyes. Nothing can compare to actual, physical shopping, believe me. Online is just for home deco, accessories and maybe shoes – if you get lucky like me and are a steady 6.5.

What do you think? Could you rock a head-to-toe animal print outfit or are you more psyched over accessories and tops like me? 

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