One For My Baby And One More For The Road

It started at Ruby Tuesday. I heard it while chomping on some ribs and french fries (“disguuusting”, right? But sooo good 😏) a couple of weeks ago. The song that reminded how much I’m in tune with jazz music this year, especially this summer. Toots was playing on the harmonica, Cullum was singing almost to himself – his head in the clouds, his voice low and rugged, the lingering vocals… it was magical, especially because I was sharing it with T.

The song: One for my baby (and one more for the road). If you go and search it on Youtube you’ll discover several versions, starting with Sinatra and Dean Martin but to me… Toots Thielemans and Jamie Cullum did it.

I replayed it the following week, then swapped it for a blend of sax and harmonica, just instrumental, to help me focus at work.

I don’t know what’s going on but I’m veering towards jazz and blues more and more. I was already a fan of Louis Armstrong, Ella F. , Etta James and all the titans of jazz but now… it’s more than that. The moment I pick up a jazz sound, whether I’m in a cafe, at a friend’s or stumble upon it in a taxi, I’m all ears. I’m almost trying to absorb the music, letting it pour over my heart and relax.

To me, I guess, the end of summer sounds like a harmonica and a sax. As the long days melt into cooler nights, hours pass by lazily and you start replacing icecream and lemonades with pies and hot coffee, there’s that inescapable feeling.

The feeling that vacation, roaring laughter and the sparks of energy that made you stay up all night are slowly changing “clothes”. The time for bittersweet talks, cashmir sweaters and new projects has come.

What’s the sound of fall to you? 

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