The Moschino Effect

Moschino is an Italian fashion house that has always seen fashion as fun. They never took things too seriously, instead playing with colors and shapes, designing clothes that would pop out in the crowds, eccentric and playful. Their diffusion line, Love Moschino, is especially known for quirky bags and an overuse of hearts and lips to the point where the sweet gives me diabetes.

Yet, it’s their signature. Better come with something of your own than play by the rules and blend in, right? You can’t mistake a lip-shaped clutch or dress with red lips for something other than Moschino:

photo source: Moschino/Pinterest

The temptation to replicate such a recognizable design is huge, as you can imagine, since fashionistas are all about displaying labels or symbols. Naturally, the lips motif can now be found on poor imitations of clutches and shoes, including this pair spotted in the subway. I won’t tell you how it was worn (something along the lines of large florals, ahem) but judged independently, they aren’t horrible.

It’s maybe something that would make you stand out on a party cruise, if you wore it with black-and-white striped cropped pants and a white, see-through shirt. On the subway, to the office, at brunch though… I don’t see them “fitting in”.

What do you say – are these flip-flops a yay or nay?

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