From Licking Statues To Shooting Lasers: Best Fragrance Video

There’s rarely a perfume ad for women that can trigger any kind of emotion from men. Yet T. found this one hilarious and I have to say… it’s nothing like anything we’ve seen before.

That’s mostly due to the director’s direction, Spike Jonze; he was the guy behind movies Her and Being John Malkovich. That means no corny couple, no diva getting out of the limousine, no flirty gal jumping on a bike and seducing an innocent model at a mysterious party.

Instead, we get The Leftovers star Margaret Qualley leave a ceremony in tears only to start dancing like crazy in a hall of mirrors, kicking and jumping, losing control in a pretty green gown that miraculously survives the experience. At one point, she licks a statue, another time she starts shooting lasers like she’s a frickin Stormtrooper and close to the end she jumps through an eye. Yes, you have to see it to believe it:

As for the message behind this funny, crazy performance?

  1. Wear kitten heels when you want to break the dance floor.
  2. Kenzo’s new perfume helps you jump through hoops and land just fine on your feet because it’s more important to attend (to) your needs than boring galas.

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