The Trap Of The Complicated Shoe

The more daring it is, the more I want to wear it. It’s something I’ve known for a while now but sometimes, it doesn’t pay off.  Like with these orange cognac shoes.

They’re ballerina style – flats that close with laces. If you’ve been on Pinterest for a while now or are frequently reading lifestyle magazines, you know these shoes are trending big time right now.  A warning before you buy a pair – they’re not that easy to walk in.

Blink Shoes Orange Ballerina

I thought the pair would be a piece of cake – beautiful, roomy thanks to the cut-outs on the sides, easy to close... but maaan, I couldn’t have been more wrong.I wore them for the first time this week and…

👣 I can’t walk fast like I use to. In sneakers or simple flats, I basically power walk to work determined to make up for delays. In these shoes, the faster you walk, the sooner the shoelaces get loose.

👣 If I tend to step on the balls of my feet, the laces at my ankle will not just loosen faster but will also leave some pretty hurtful marks on my skin.

👣 Those laces are bound to become a pain in the feet if you stay still for too long or you usually keep one leg crossed over the other at the desk

👣 The idea is to put your heel at the back of the shoe and all your weight there. This way, you can keep the shoe tight and it won’t jiggle.

👣 I had to make those shoelaces super tight, double knot them even to stay put

These things seem obvious now, but I pretty much walked as if I had painful blisters before getting the hang of it. For a flat shoe, that seems unbelievable so I put it on the complication factor.  If it weren’t for the cut-outs, X of the laces and their culmination at the ankle, I’d probably have zero problems.

Did you come across such shoes at one point? How did they/you survive? 

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