Laundry Wars: The Ever Full Basket

I spent the last 3 days doing laundry. Sorting clothes, throwing them in the washing machine, setting the program, putting to dry out and rewind. Not once, in this whoooole time, did I see the basket empty or almost empty. Clothes kept piling up, no shred of hope to see them fresh and gone in sight.

Can you relate with the torment of a woman doing laundry? I bet you do. Men think it’s a breeze, a push of a button; I’m not saying its rocket science either. I’m just complaining because me, as every other gal in this world, needs to complain. To people who know her pain.

So, do you know what it’s like to decide whether a top is too colored to be put with the whites safely? Or if those jeans are going to wash out no matter what you do? Or if that silk blouse has to be washed manually? And what to do with panties and bras – have to set them aside to wash by hand, of course!

If you have things made of wool, you have to put them in a separate program. And if you have giant sheets to wash? What do you sacrifice and leave for the next day?

The drama continues. Is that detergent enough? Should I put more fabric softener?

And back to the beginning: when will ALL the things be clean and the basket EMPTY?! I think it’s a myth at this point. There’s no way to get everything clean, if you sort the hell out them like I do. Especially if you have to do it without waking the neighbors’ baby.

How are you getting things done around the house? Have you found a way to see that basket more empty than full?

photo source: Pixabay/RyanMcGuire

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