Window Shopping Questions

Although I scored some pretty good deals at the end of August, I’m still on the lookout for fresh, hot pieces for fall. Every time I pass by a store I like, it doesn’t matter if I have money to spend or not, I register every look on display. After years of practice, I can window shop with speed :))

That’s how I realized mannequins are getting more and more ridiculous! Shops are so intent on giving them an attitude – even though customers never expect a plastic doll to put on a show -, they end up in odd positions.

Take this one for example. What the hell is that mannequin posing as? It’s the only one sitting sideways, looking at the mall’s door instead of the customers?! More weird is the fact that she’s tiptoeing – look at her feet. At least, if there were another mannequin doing the same thing, but she’s all alone in the group of dead serious gals, with their arms neatly placed beside their bodies.

I remember staying like that only at the beginning of a physical ed. class, hoping to end as quickly as it had begun. So why are retailers trying so hard to humanize these manequins, buying wigs for them and what-not, if they place them in positions totally unnatural to humans? Who stays like that in real life?

Oh, and you have to see the ones placed in front of kids’ stores – downright creepy, with big smiles and no teeth or hands put in front of you like they’re trying to be all cool and from tha hood. An 8-year old kid doesn’t have swagger and he shouldn’t have to begin with. He’s just a child!

Getting back to the subject, have you looked at manequins lately? What do you think retailers are thinking when they’re doing a display? 

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