The Same T-shirt 24/7 Trend

In a productivity article I happened to stumble upon, the writer was saying that she’d applied the Zuckerberg method and started wearing an uniform. Plain white t-shirts and jeans every day of the week. I don’t know if the jeans were different models or not, but I suspect she meant the same cut, same color or slightly different, lots of pairs. 

The idea was that if you spent less time choosing outfits, you had more time to do things that “really mattered”. Ignoring fashion was a way to increase productivity. 

Am I the only one who doesn’t get it?

A. Let’s say you don’t have a fashion bone in you so you go for whatever is there. In this case, you spend 3 minutes choosing things clean and appropriate for work/dinner/camping.

B. You care about your image but you’re not chasing the latest trends and collections. You probably dress safe and stylish,  you know what fits you and what doesn’t and can quickly choose a shirt/tee with a black/navy skirt or jeans and a pair of those sneakers/heels/flats. Time spent: 7 minutes tops.

C. You’re fashion forward and love to make bold combos. A type of person like this either is effortlessly stylish and spends 10 min. max to choose an outfit or sets one aside the night before when she can mix and match without hurry.

No matter if you’re A, B or C, you will not spend more than 10 minutes on an outfit in the morning. How more productive will you be with 10 minutes spare? What life-changing things can you do in 10 mins?!

Really, now, fashionable outfits and fashion in general cannot hinder productivity. They’re not a nuisance unless you make it so. There’s no point in choosing blindly from your closet and wearing the same uniform day after day – you won’t gain anything but 10 minutes and in this era, they go soo fast!

To me, a uniform is the peak of laziness or a gesture of rebellion, a way of showing how laid-back you can be in a world “too preoccupied” by image. A laid-back attitude that, if it doesn’t come natural to a person, it becomes the opposite.

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