4 Shoes I’m In Love With This Fall

As much as I loved my gladiator sandals this summer and the cactus slip-ons, I’ve secretly longed for fall. As it happens, I’m super ready to brave this season with shoes in all shapes, colors and textures, for every crazy outfit I’m going to pull out of my wardrobe.

Besides the sneakers I’m bound to rely on heavily in the months ahead (featured here and here), I plan to ride this season’s wave – one of decadence and saturated colors, of bold and luxurious materials. In my closet, that translates to cut-out ballerina shoes, in a deep orange color:

Blink Ballerina Shoes orange

Blink Ballerina Shoes orange

These were a bargain, at just $17, from Blink, bought via Fashion Days.  If you’re interested, here’s the link to the exact pair.

My second colorful pair of shoes was a purchase made in Mallorca, on vacation. I can’t tell you a brand or website, since I bought them from a big haul filled with leather goods, produced locally. Besides the beautiful, rich magenta color, they have to be the comfiest boots I own for fall, extremely light and roomy:

Magenta Mallorca Boots

Magenta Mallorca Boots details

Magenta Mallorca side

I’m a sucker for army green suede. It’s symbolic for fall and speaks to me in a way you’d probably find ridiculous! I have a jacket in this color, a bag, a pair of lyocell pants and now, two pairs of shoes that I cannot stop looking at.

Before I show them to you, I have to put a disclaimer here: they’re not the most expensive ones I’ve bought, or the most elaborate. In fact, they have a clean shape and can be easily called “basic”. But they somehow recall the turning of leaves from crisp green to rusty brown, deep red and cognac orange, the smell of cinnamon and the easy fall winds…

Bershka Heels Army Green

Bershka Heels Army Green full

Bershka Heels Army Green detail

As the label says, the ones above are from Bershka, bought last year if I’m not mistaken. Unfortunately, this year they don’t have the exact model on the site, but I suggest you buy this lacy pair instead  or these heeled sandalsTheir color is the most similar to what I have at home.

In the same shade, but radically different, are the Koton flats. Light, with fringes and little, steel beads, they are super cute and pretty:

Army green flats Koton

Army green flats Koton front

Army green flats Koton side

Army green flats Koton side

Again, they aren’t available on the official site but I think you can find a similar pair easily. Oh, yeah, I’m crazy about suede, as you can notice. Leather, suede and more recently, velvet, are my favorite materials.

On the lookout for a new pair of shoes? Keep in mind that you need:

  • Ankle boots – at least two or more. Choose in leather preferably. Colors: black, metallics, snakeskin.
  • Cut-out shoes – with laces, if you can find. Choose in velvet or suede. Colors: burgundy, army green, leopard print, you name it. Go crazy here.
  • Loafers (or ballerina flats)- lacquer. Look for white or black versions, with chains or fur for a night out.
  • Mary Janes – from velvet or lacquer. Go for red, pink, zebra print.  Note: these are super trending right now and if you like the retro look, go for it. Sadly, I hate the T-strap, so I’m sticking to the good old-fashioned pumps, seen above.

What are your to-go shoes for fall?

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