Matching Your Boyfriend’s Style

Years come and go, taste changes and style, too. It’s normal to dress colorful and cheesy when you’re little, all over the place in high school and experiment in your 20s. I’ve done it too and… still need more than just one word to describe my style properly.

And that’s fine. What I’m not sure that is fine is changing your style according to the type of guy you date. I’ve noticed it at a couple of friends. When I met one of them in college, she was very feminine – think pastels, lace, dresses and high heels.

Fast forward 3-4 years and she was sporting leather jackets, skinny jeans, statement jewelry and sparkly knits. It was decidedly more mature and trendy and it just happened that the guy she was seeing was older and all business.
In a year, things had gotten darker.

Not in her relationship, but in her wardrobe. Everything was black and sporty: shoes, hoodies, jackets. Guess what: her new guy wore lots of black.

Matching style couple

I’m sure she’s not a singular case. In fact, in the first few weeks of dating, I dress to impress too. But even though I ask T’s opinion on clothes and shoes once in a while, we’re never matchy-matchy. He has a very particular style which I’d never want to change and he knows I have my “fashion scenarios” :))

But is there a tendency to emulate the partner’s style? Do women adopt other styles to keep their loved ones closer (like wearing a boyfriend’s shirt the morning after)? Or is it a way of ensuring their approval and love in the future? OR.. it’s a totally unconscious choice, as if they want to become one with the partner?

Then again, maybe they’re simple coincidences. Except I don’t believe in coincidence. What do you think? Have your friends ever seemed “too much in sync” with their guys’ wardrobes??


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