Wedding Outfits, When You’re Not The Bride

This year, it seemed like everyone I knew was getting married. Most of them were just Facebook acquaintances, but two of them were my friends. With one getting married in England, in an outdoor setting, in the middle of summer and the other one choosing an indoor venue in September, I had some dilemmas:

  • Could I last an entire night in a sari, a night that would include dancing?
  • What heels would work with a garden setting?
  • How much could I stuff in a cabin bag?
  • What outfit would work with a transitional weather?
  • Should I have a pair of flats just in case?

The answer lied in three different outfits.

For the first wedding, I chose to go with simple accessories and do the most I could on spot. So, the sari outfit I wore as a bridesmaid was neatly packed and fitted in the morning of the event by someone who knows what they’re doing (not like me).

Sari wedding

As I don’t wear accessories much, I didn’t have appropriate bangles and I didn’t bring any type of earrings (only gold is safe for my ears but I don’t like wearing gold pieces – the irony, I know).


Matching bangles

Thankfully, the other bridesmaid came to the rescue with matching bangles. As for hair and make-up, the bride’s hairstylist did mine and I took care of make-up with my trusted gold and olive shades from MAC, a bit of bronzer and nude lipstick.



As for shoes, I went with my gladiator sandals that glided smoothly on the wet grass (plus they had blue accents that matched the outfit).


Wedding details

Clearly though, I couldn’t spend the entire night in this outfit (I have no idea how Indian women dance in it – they’re extremely skilled I tell you). So I brought along a mini dress that would have fitted great in the 20s – all fringes that swayed every time I moved. It was a blush pink, with a V cut out at the back so I went with a black choker that could be tied to adorn my back.


The waterworks started.


My friend having fun of this wet mess.

I made the mistake of believing I could wear my brand new black sandals with 6-inch heels and fringes for the rest of the evening. No way! I brought them along just to wear them for an hour during dinner and then switched to the sandals mentioned earlier. I know, not classy at all, but practical.


Now, I didn’t have to squeeze shoes and outfits in a luggage for the second wedding, but I did stress. First, it was warm enough for a short dress but not that warm to wear the blush mini. Secondly, I was running out of time. I remember I dressed, had my hair and make-up done in half an hour!!!

I grabbed a sequined black dress that hit just above the knee from my closet and a pair of nude pumps. This was chic and classy for the religious ceremony too, but I had no idea what to put on as outerwear. Evenings were chilly and I had no elegant scarf or thin blazer. Oh, and no time for fancy hairstyling.


Smoothie power for almost 14 hours of fun

What’s a girl gonna do? I played it cool in a Kate Moss fashion. Let my hair loose, put on a burgundy lipstick and took my leather jacket in a hurry before jumping in the cab. I hoped it all looked very intentional and effortless instead of the truth: desperate and last minute :))


Black details – beaded purse and sequined dress

Oh, this time I didn’t bring any flats (no time to search) but I did squeeze a batch of Compeed in the 20s beaded purse I had. Those saved me from a painful experience so I could dance all night.

What are your survival strategies when it comes to weddings? How do you look polished last minute? 

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