Nail Polish Keeps Aggressors Away

This year I’ve seen more gadgets than in all the decades before thanks to my job. Naturally, some blew my mind away, others…not so much; in any case, I appreciated the creativity. It’s one of the things I value most in people since I believe this is the essence of progress.

That said, I was immediately excited by the news that four guys from North Carolina State University brainstormed a way to help women know – beyond a shadow of doubt – if the guy they’re having a cocktail with has spiked it with common date rape drugs (Xanax, Rohypnol, GHB).

The stealth way of uncovering the truth sparked my interest (besides the whole idea of men coming to the rescue). They are thinking of developing a nail polish that changes color in contact with any of these drugs.

Essentially, if you suspect something is wrong, you can just dip your finger in the drink and find what’s what. Undercover Colors is the official name of the product which they are struggling to create and launch since 2014.

Guys, don’t wanna ruin this for you, but you should have been done by now. There’s not even a photo of the thing on the Internet so I have my doubts whether you can pull this off at all.

On the other hand, I don’t even know how many lives can this thing save. I mean how many of you really stick around to see if a dodgy guy is like that or not? You’re probably hanging on to your cocktail to begin with. Even if you don’t, the moment you feel something’s wrong with your date, you simply leave him and the drink. And if he’s such a good actor, you won’t check your drink at all, believing sincerely he’s okay.

So, is this nail polish such a life-saver? Would you willingly ignore that gut feeling about a random guy only to check your drink after? 

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