California Dreamin’

I was about to give up on the chance of seeing California.

I had to choose between a summer vacation in Sardinia and a fall trip to US. Since I couldn’t survive one minute longer in the city heat, I chose my beach vacation in the blink of an eye. Yes, getting to US would have been harder the following year but I just couldn’t skip on all the summer fun to (maybe) get a tan in October.

Lucky me (that’s an understatement – this year has been so good to me, I’m almost shocked by it), I saw both places. Sardinia was relaxing, carefree, filled with good food, wine and lazy beach afternoons. California was a bit of everything, really. We didn’t know what the day would bring, mostly because we chose to do a road trip – rent a car and go see the most beautiful and craziest places out there.


I soothed my hunger for magnificent landscapes at Lake Tahoe, Matador Beach and on narrow passages through the heart of Colorado Desert. I breathed in the heavy, hot air that was molding sand dunes in the desert, the salty breeze in L.A and the crisp gust at Mammoth Lakes that made us mend our pace and turn the heat up in the cottage.


Lake Tahoe blew my mind! I instantly compared it with an endless sea.


Fifty shades of green, blue, grey and white blending and separating to only blend again.


A picture worthy of Nat Geo that T. took while I was looking for a warm diner or something. The wind was blowing so hard, we had no chance of kayaking.

Things were looking up for us when, after witnessing my first snow in Mammoth Lakes (we planned on staying near Yosemite and visiting the park but a wildfire changed our plans), we reached Colorado Desert. Now, the prospect of crossing a desert is pretty dire; dust, rocks and nothing else, right? Well, not exactly. I loved the scenery – the reddish grounds, fine sand dunes, steep canyons, salt fields – and even encountered a coyote.


This is by far one of my favorite photos from there. It gives an eerie feeling – emptiness, hardship, an existence you want to run from and discover in the same time.




Another favorite, end-of-the-line story.


The majestic Golden Canyon.


A lost soul…



For those of you who have pictured California as a long strip of beach, these images probably seem stranger than Eleven. Don’t worry – I’ve saved the sweet dreamin’ for last. We spent the last days of our vacation in Los Angeles and one particular warm afternoon in Malibu, at Matador Beach.





I hope you liked these pics, because I’ve got more coming up from the urban scene (including crazy outfits and ever crazier walls)

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