November Survival Kit

I can’t believe it’s 11.11. No, not the mystical numbers on the digital clock, but November 11. When did these months go by? Soon, it will be Christmas, then New Year’s Eve, then we’ll find ourselves in 2017 with 12 new months of surprises and challenges. It’s kinda scary and overwhelming when you think about it so I’m gonna stop there before we all have a panic attack (not good for a blogger’s reputation, ahem).

The last weeks of October were pretty challenging and if it hadn’t been for some stolen hours of sleep and a new mindset to stop fighting with time, I don’t know what would have happened. It didn’t hurt that I started finding new things to cheer me up every gloomy, rainy day and this November, they’ll be a survival kit for my weather-dependent nature.

If you’re like me, sleepy and moody on days with cloudy skies, then you’ll probably end up getting some takeaways out of this post. As for the rest of you, (God, do I envy your attitude!) check these tips out and tell me how you do it – stay positive, focused and creative when nature rebels against you.

Surround yourself (and your house) with warm, sweet, decadent scents

I came back from the States with a bunch of goodies, including a small set of lotions from Bath & Body Works. Needless to say, it was pumpkin time, so I couldn’t resist the chance to get a Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte hand cream and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin body cream. After a long day of work, I take a hot bath and treat my skin with these two yummy products. They smell incredible, just like pumpkin pie – it makes you wanna eat them straight from the tube!

You can’t believe how relaxed I feel afterwards; the smell is divine and you can replicate the experience with delicious lotions or scented candles or even go for the real experience and start baking! Cookies, pies, cakes – the house will smell like Santa’s house.

Let great coffee, hot chocolate, chocolate bars and other sweets lift your spirits


Yes, I know, it’s counter-intuitive if you’re on a diet or you’ve given up sugar. But on the off-chance that you’re motto is to enjoy everything in moderation, here’s my advice: have a chocolate bar in your purse, in case the day turns worse by the minute; chill with a hot cocoa during your Netflix episode; invest in good coffee to jump start your day and… put aside some candy (in my case Hello Kitty marshmallows) when nothing goes your way.

Snuggle up with your friend or partner under a cozy blanket


There’s nothing better than warming up under a fuzzy, cozy blanket – either by yourself or with a loved one. You’ll instantly relax and all that warmth in your heart will pour out. I’m especially enjoying my Dormeo set – blanket and pillow; the softest, warmest home accessories.


Brave those freezing morning with a great coat


I got this Kenneth Cole winter coat at a great price from Nordstrom. It’s in a creamy color with a golden shine and lined with fur on the interior. I swear, when I put it on, I feel like I’m in the middle of a dozen hugs! It’s so soft, so warm, I can’t imagine something more inviting than this coat. If you can find it, don’t hesitate – grab one, too!


Bring some glamour and shine in the middle of the day


Who said shiny things were the signature of wild nights? I feel at my best in these silver Vans and with this chic Kate Spade bag. The sneakers make every outfit pop and can easily go with me from brunch to cocktail hour.


The bag is an essential (black leather, medium size) with a twist – the silver handle gives it a glam touch and the leather tassels add a fun vibe.



There you have it guys – the small things that make my November more than just bearable – fun, relaxing and inviting! How do you escape the November blues?

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