Rock ‘n’ Roll Ballet Flats

If you’re neither yin nor yang, if you buy leather jackets and silk floral shirts in the same time, your style probably puzzles others.

It’s hard to explain why you have the same affinity for feminine pieces as you have for masculine items and why should you have to? Style isn’t a mathematic equation.

Miu Miu is on the same page as us, launching a pair of ballet flats that satisfy both sides of you.

Needless to say, the shoes have become an overnight success, bloggers and actresses flocking to get a pair.

Ballerina all day today. ⭐️

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As versatile as they are… there’s something about them that makes me want to run in the opposite direction. The nude and black flats come with uncoordinated textile bands that go around your legs and two Mary Jane-style black straps with buckles on each shoe.

The whole idea is to give a tough vibe to those frail shoes by juxtaposing leather and metal but the way it’s done… it feels careless, even ugly.

Why not make those bands out of leather with studs or holes and skip the straps altogether? Or go for a dual shoe with zero accessories – front all pink and feminine with a leather, studded back?

Miu Miu can do better, we all know it.


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