Mime et Moi

Christian Louboutin used to say: “I would hate for someone to look at my shoes and say Oh, my God, that looks so comfortable”  (that’s probably a compliment UGGS would receive). The message was clear: you can’t be comfortable and sexy/chic/elegant/daring/fashionable – fill free to add you word here. But Mime et Moi have come close to offering this impossible combo with a collection of shoes with interchangeable heels.

I spotted them on Kickstarter recently and the mechanism behind their idea is so simple, I don’t know why we haven’t thought of it sooner! The model of the Mime et moi shoe is the same – a sandal in various colors with an asymmetrical strap and an ankle strap to keep your foot steady and comfortable.

Theeen, there’s a trigger on the outer sole that lets the heel loose when pushed. You take it out and replace it with a lower or higher heel (3/7/10 cm variant), sturdier or thinner, day-appropriate or night-exclusive. To attach it securely, simply let your weight on it until it clicks. 

mime et moi shoe mechanism

Really simple, right? Now, I know the Mime et moi design is pretty basic and it will never compare to a Louboutin or Blahnik but once you’re out of their stores, let’s face it, reality hits. The cobbled streets eat away at your heels; the subway grates are shoe traps on their own, the morning commute without an Uber or car is torture for your feet in pumps. Workdays on heels leave their marks in the evenings – swollen feet, blisters and heel wounds.

Now, if Louboutin were to wear his shoes on a weekly basis, he’d burn his stilettos – those cages of leather, studs and satin – and worship flats. It’s funny how men who are in charge of creating women shoes simply assume they have to design for the ideal femme fatale when we, career women, pragmatic and stylish are the customers! Sorry, guys, most women aren’t Mrs. Robinson in secret – we have jobs, errands, brunches and afterwards, lavish dinners, nights out and fancy events.

We live a full life, with no room for glass slippers, stripper shoes and the likes. We need to go from day to night effortlessly and so far, Mime et Moi is one of the few manufacturers who’s put themselves in our shoes.

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