How To Wear 70s Fashion Today

A couple of years ago, I was asked to define my style in a class. I remember using the words masculine, urban, eclectic. I hadn’t succeeded in comprising my outfit choices in just one word and now, I understand why.

Almost unconsciously, I try on things so different from one another that you couldn’t label me for the life of you. For example, a couple of weeks ago I changed my haircut once more – from side part and beachy waves to bangs and straight hair, slightly swept (imagine Farrah Fawcett with less volume). T.’s first reaction was that I was so cutee, with my 70s hair!

My reaction was :”what?! 70s? me? but I’m an urban gal that loves black leather and skinny jeans!”. Two days later I was wearing flared pants, a turtleneck sweater in an earthy shade and silver sneakers. A Charlie’s Angel. Minus wings. And detective skills.

My point is my taste for retro came out of nowhere and I’ve decided to ask less questions and just embrace it. If you want to do that too, check these items – it will place you in the 70s while still keeping the cool air of the 2000s:

70s-long1.A-line skirt with stripes and leather panel.

2.Neutral bag with fringes reminiscent of the nature-inspired, hippie era that started in the mid-60s and continued in the 1970s.

3.Embroidered jeans with unfinished hems you could see on the youth in the 70s.

4.Ankle boots in velvety pink with rose gold chunky heel, inspired by retro fashion but sans huge platforms.

5.Maxi skirt with pleats, perfect to pair with ankle boots and cableknit sweaters.

6.Satin bomber jacket with stylized flowers for a cool, urban look.

7.Silver velvet bodysuit which reminds me of the evening, lurex items wore in the disco era.

8.Sequined dress that blends the favorite beads of the 70s with the lingerie model dress of the 90s.

9.Turtleneck sweater in a symbolic color for the 70s.

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