This Fashion Video Will Give You Goosebumps

There are few designers in this world who still put as much effort and emotion in their promotional campaigns as in the actual collections. Too many rely on beautiful women, clothes and glamorous or dramatic accessories. Chanel (because Karl Lagerfeld), Alexander McQueen and Kenzo still manage to surprise and excite with their campaigns, telling stories and breaking patterns. In Europe, I just discovered Ioana Ciolacu and her very eery and artistic video called “Lure”.

The title made me expect a man-woman dynamic, the eternal chase and eventually Her elusive smile as a sign of desire and submission. Instead, I faced a world of black and white, flowers and birds, voracious women and cats. The circle of life where trees are the only constant. Blood transformed in pop of colors on silk dresses and laser-cut leather pieces.

Violent when least expected, this video is basically telling the story of our unshakeable destiny – predator and prey, when nature chooses.

Ioana Ciolacu’s Spring Summer collection inspires the organic, the beauty, the tangibility, but also the cold, the calculated, the ruthlessness of nature. This contradiction is justified by the two simultaneous roles: The Hunter and The Hunted. At any moment they are inverted, from power to weakness, from domination to submission, from concealed to revealed, from night to day, from black to white

As for the capsule collection, you can see the s/s 2015 pieces here. 

*More about Ioana: she’s a 28-year-old Romanian fashion designer who studied architecture, then fashion at the London College of Fashion, won the Designer for Tomorrow Award and a chance to learn from Stella McCartney in a year-long mentorship. From that point on, she opened her own studio, presented collections at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and last year was one of Vogue’s reference designers of the year.

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